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Oklahoma City Rated one of the top 10 cities for young familys

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Population 560,332
Child Care A+
Family Safety C+
Fun for You and Baby A
Infant Health B-
Money Matters B-

High-quality child care costs less in Oklahoma than in other states. The average bill for full-time infant care is $6,000 to $7,000 per year, considerably lower than that of many other states. Plus, the state picks up part of the cost for lower-income families. Residents are proud to live here. In a recent survey, more than 80 percent rated Oklahoma City as a good or a great place to raise a family, while the average rating for similar-size cities is 62 percent. Plus, the city is making a $700 million investment in public schools, so by the time your baby goes to kindergarten, her school will probably be new or renovated. And the residents are trying to become healthier. More than 40,000 are registered for the OKC Million, the city’s innovative program to drop 1 million pounds.

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